SPINE Beirut
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SPINE is a lounge bar that offers a refined, yet vibrant experience embracing a contemporary cuisine and a social bar amidst floating light elements. The SPINE experience kicks off with a static dinner setup and progressively develops into a dynamic lounge with upbeat music and interactive lighting. The concept was jointly realized with our architect, Gregory Gatserelia, who wanted to create an unorthodox design that gives a feel of an abstract city with an illusional touch of floating light elements.
Winner of the Best Overall Bar and the Middle East & Africa Bar for the 2019 edition of the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards in London, SPINE Beirut, designed by Gregory Gatserelia, is the first rooftop bar design concept focused on the sky. SPINE Beirut’s striking rooftop concept is being recognized internationally as a unique realization that demonstrates creativity, sense of structure, and space.
The main target of this distinctive project was to design a night venue with an elegant dining atmosphere, a terrace lounge with no visual boundaries - no walls nor ceiling – and without resorting to any of the typical usual spotlights, or any of those bulky gimmicks, opting instead for an aesthetic lighting structure that discretely blends into the night sky, after experiencing the marvelous twilight hues at sundown.

Another aim was to create synergy among guests. Thus, a bar was placed in the middle of the space with elevated lounges to create a dynamic interaction and achieve an optimal interplay between refined and vibrant.

Physically guests stop looking outward - they are so attracted by the light that they look into each other or the light. The energy is meant to stay in the place and in the moment.
A lighting installation was programmed to allow for a monochromatic, simple, and elegant hue for the start of the evening; to the most explosive “dynamic mode” with hundreds of color variations when the night and the crowds are roaring. This is a key feature of this project; giving it rhythm and creating different moods.

The challenge was to be quite minimalistic while creating an elegant statement. Most interestingly is that the complete concept was realized with what one could consider simple materials: concrete in its natural state, steel, and polycarbonate panels.
Our Food menu, created by the renowned Chef Youssef Akiki, offers a variety of fusion creations that can be easily shared by guests, thus complementing the dynamic atmosphere. The menu was crafted with the finest products while introducing an eccentric twist.
Our Beverage menu, created by the award-winning mixologist Mike Kassabian, was crafted using innovative techniques and distinctive ingredients to satisfy diverse tastes.

G1 Building, Naccache Seaside,
Beirut, Lebanon