ELSE Beirut
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The Identity
Rewrite the Extraordinary
Nestled in the city's rhythm, ELSE is more than a restaurant; it's an elixir of excitement and a celebration of the extraordinary. The architecture, a spectacle of curved ceilings and bespoke furnishings, sets the stage for an intimate embrace. The menu, a meticulously curated dance of flavors, unfolds in two acts, creating a symphony of tastes.
About ELSE
More than a restaurant
An alluring retreat where sophistication seamlessly intertwines with thrill. This boutique haven transcends the ordinary, bathed in the captivating hues of amber and noir. ELSE boasts awe-inspiring architecture and bespoke furnishings that resonate with the sinuous grace of the ouroboros. ELSE extends an invitation to seekers of the extraordinary, beckoning them into a realm of unparalleled charm.
The Design
An intimate embrace
Taking a bold initiative, we crafted a closed and cozy ambiance, transcending the confines of its elevated perch. The arching ceiling became a vessel for elevated height, introducing a tunnel effect that redefined spatial dynamics. The use of polished copper, perforated panels, and enveloping red velvet curtains synergized to create an enriched atmosphere, harmonizing height, luxury, and acoustics.
The Concept
Dine & Dance
A concept reflecting a dining atmosphere that effortlessly transforms into dance; a closing of curtains ritual at ELSE perpetuates a shift in mood, ambience, and time, bringing dinner to dance.
The Cuisine
A culinary delight
Tickling the palate with a meticulously curated menu blending Contemporary, International, Japanese, and Fusion cuisines, ELSE transforms into a culinary odyssey. A seating capacity of 100, including a bar for 20, extends an invitation to seekers of the extraordinary.
The Bar
Mixology elevated
A curated cocktail portfolio featuring master mixologists. Bespoke cocktails flow freely, each sip a reminder that "ELSE" is more than a restaurant; it's an elixir of excitement, a celebration of the extraordinary.
Eternal Renewal
Not just a destination.
An artistic sanctuary where design and gastronomy dance in harmony, ELSE extends a gracious invitation to connoisseurs, urging them to indulge in an immersive and unforgettable experience. Every aspect echos the sinuous grace of the ouroboros – the snake that devours its own tail, a symbol of eternal renewal. Here, every detail tells a story, a narrative woven with the threads of mystique.
G1 Building, Naccache Seaside,
Beirut, Lebanon