ARTS Beirut
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ARTS is a Restaurant and Cocktail bar designed by Gregory Gatserelia and is inspired by the surrealism movement. The ARTS experience is refined, yet vibrant and embraces a fusion cuisine paired with unique cocktails.
The choice of the name ARTS was deliberately plural, reflecting the presence of art in many forms. The branding and identity are inspired by the surrealism movement.
A discrete lighting installation is a fundamental element of ARTS where elegant warm colors accentuate the copper bamboo scaffolding that floats in a web of a beautiful unreality. As the clock winds, the bar display transforms into vertical and horizontal subdivisions creating surreal optical illusions that complement the accent of sound.
The venue is located on an elevated floor and enjoys a full glass facade overlooking the coast of Beirut.
Our food menu, created by the renowned chef Youssef Akiki, offers a variety of fusion creations that can be easily shared by guests, thus complementing the dynamic atmosphere. The menu was crafted with the finest products while introducing an eccentric twist to ensure that food is a founding pillar of the ARTS experience.
Inspired by the surrealism movement, our cocktail menu revolves around the false mirror phenomena, in which cocktail names are written backwards and can only be read by means of a mirror. Furthermore, all the cocktails’ names and presentations are inspired from surrealism paintings and phenomena.
The art of mixology is evident in our cocktail menu as each item is distinct in taste, ingredients, technique, and presentation.

G1 Building, Naccache Seaside,
Beirut, Lebanon